Is your media plan tied to a strategy that complements your overall strategy – and more importantly, your annual goals?

For companies marketing building products and/or services to the architectural, design, builder, contractor and owner audiences, smartly buying media is crucial to increasing adoption, creating demand, and meeting revenue goals.

Do you have media strategies in place specific to your goals for the fiscal year?? Developing an annual media strategy is imperative if you want to "hit the mark" with your plan, and ensure that you don't waste money.

A sound media strategy that is developed annually will streamline your media plan, making it smarter and thus more effective in achieving your goals. It will allow you to benchmark progress and gauge effectiveness; it will substantiate your spend and if blended properly, create fiscal efficiencies.

Here are some high-level questions to consider…

  • What is the most important impact our media plan can deliver to our business this coming year?
  • How do we want to rank our targeted market and audience segments for this annual campaign?
  • How do we blend the media vehicles to achieve our goals?
  • What role will content serve for the campaign?

LarsonO'Brien offers a comprehensive media strategy and planning process that helps clients develop a sound annual strategy for your media campaign(s). Our service includes a robust review of your annual goals, ranking consultation, media research and a comprehensive overview of various vehicles available that can service the campaign and connect your content to the campaign. The process is charted and reported and will become your "guidebook" for the decisions and the management of your media campaign(s).

Contact our media experts today! Drop me an email…I would love to schedule a quick call to discuss our service and see how LarsonO'Brien can help make your media buy work more efficiently and effectively to achieve your goals this coming year.