Creating a Dreamweaver

Case Study: Banker Wire

Having spent several years marketing woven metal for other clients, LarsonO'Brien was aware of Banker Wire's unparalleled quality, quick turnaround, and unmatched ability to create custom weaves, but it was all behind the scenes. For too long, Banker was private-labeling its top-tier products and serving as an industry supplier to OEMs and decorative metal specialty contractors. It was time for those products to be illuminated by the Banker Wire brand and be sought after by architects and designers.

The Strategy

LarsonO'Brien saw great opportunity in taking the veil off of Banker Wire. Building the brand would make the market aware of Banker's superiority and create a new, outward-facing preference. The result would be more work for Banker – more prestige – without a middleman. But doing so would not be simple.

Most of Banker's clients would not be comfortable with their private label no longer being private. We had to make our move with great care, so as not to harm the relationships that kept the Banker business strong. After many conversations and consultations with Banker, we were able to help the company sell its new brand to current clients as a move that would benefit all parties: “If Banker Wire is sought after, and your company employs Banker Wire mesh in its product offerings, you will be sought after as well, and in fact, have an advantage over your competitors.”

Following this strategy, the new Banker Wire brand would allow everyone to sell more product.

Banker Wire Strategy

The Work

LarsonO'Brien recommended a combination of paid advertising and public relations targeted to architects and interior designers.

The ad campaign entitled Dreamweavers conveyed a clear and simple message in a visually compelling manner. "We can create any mesh pattern you can imagine." The campaign took Gold for a print advertising campaign in Hanley Wood's 2014 Brand Builder Awards competition.

Public Relations served as the primary delivery method for educating architects and designers about Banker's role in the rigid wire mesh industry, how Banker manufacturers a superior product, and the many functional applications for the material.

An onslaught of new architectural projects, products, and capabilities were consistently introduced to the marketplace and Banker Wire’s expertise was proven by its placement of industry publication articles and its regular presence in print and online media.

The Impact

Just a few months after we launched Public Relations services with Banker Wire, we received an e-mail from Harrison Horan, VP of Sales and Marketing. It was the kind of e-mail you always hope to see, but never really expect.The subject line was “its working !!!!!” and the message said, “holy [expletive]…busy day.”

Busyness continued, and continues to this day. The print ad campaign took Gold in Hanley Wood's 2014 Brand Builder Awards. A powerful Advertising and Public Relations one-two punch has brought the Banker Wire brand front and center – exactly where it should be. Most importantly, Banker was able to reveal its role in the industry without alienating the many important customers it continues to supply today.