The power of LarsonO’Brien resides in the experience, talent, creativity and courage of its people. Our core executive team boasts more than two centuries of combined building design and construction industry experience and, more importantly, possesses a proven track record for generating transformational results for client companies.

Ron Larson - Art Director/CEO at LarsonO'Brien

Ron Larson

Art Director/CEO

Ron Larson has been in the building and construction industry for more than 34 years. He was a shareholder of Hawbaker & Partners when the firm merged with JRO Advertising to form LarsonO’Brien in 1998. Today he serves as Art Director for the agency and oversees finances. A firm believer in “if it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative,” every design he creates is informed by his understanding of its audience and their needs. Ron spends his free time with family, preferably at the beach.

Garrett Andrae, Creative Director at LarsonO'Brien

Garrett Andrae

Creative Director

Garrett Andrae has spent fourteen years developing marketing campaigns for businesses in the building and construction industry. He’s an expert at spotting marketing communications issues and remedying them. Garrett always strives to develop the perfect creative concept for our clients – a concept that fits their specific situation, the moment, and one that will carry a marketing campaign over time and through a wide variety of media. Garrett aims for that perfect concept while overseeing writing, photography, videography, video editing and strategic planning at LarsonO’Brien.

Jeff Miskis, Digital Director at LarsonO'Brien

Jeff Miskis

Digital Director

Jeff Miskis has dedicated the past ten years to the planning, design, and development of Web applications for the building and construction industry. Committed to working with every client to understand every intricacy of their needs, he consistently develops digital solutions for the building industry that aim to bring more value to the table than expected. He thrives on knowing that his creations do more than serve as marketing tools and generate real growth in our clients' businesses.

Nick Murosky, Director of Public Relations at LarsonO'Brien

Nick Murosky

Director, Public Relations

Nick Murosky has been making connections in the building and construction industry for more than 7 years. Those connections are with editors and writers at AEC community trade publications, blogs and websites, and have led to many Public Relations successes for LarsonO’Brien clients. More than anything, Nick believes in the power of expression. His goal is to help clients express themselves in a way that is true and compelling.

Kevin Mayer, Client Growth at LarsonO'Brien

Kevin Mayer

Director, Client Growth

Kevin Mayer brings 23 years of experience in the building and construction industry to his role as Director, Growth Consulting Services. Kevin loves to compete, and that passion drives him to help businesses most effectively reach their target audiences in the highly competitive building, design and construction space.

Julie Pintar, Director of Media and Research at LarsonO'Brien

Julie Pintar

Director, Media and Research

Julie Pintar's 12 years in the building and construction industry help her arrive at the best media solutions for our clients. Julie constantly aims to bring our clients’ marketing plans to the next level with innovative, measurable strategies.

Vince Scarfo, Director of Growth Consulting at LarsonO'Brien

Vince Scarfo

Director, Growth Consulting